Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Jewellery storage and display. And a video.

First off, some footage of the Lovely Parlour Trio and Patricia Hammond at the Vintage Fair! Filmed by Debee Calveche! Featuring Jon Butterfield on piano! Matt Redman on guitar! Nick Ball on spoons, washboard, bits of tappy things!

Now it's hints-and-tips time: I'm going to come over all 30s-magazine on you all. Like any female vintage-lover (or transvestite/fancy-dress/pantomime artiste vintage-lover), I have a lot of costume jewellery. And I HATE throwing it into a box, and having it all jostle, chip, tangle, become invisible at the bottom. I also hate having a whole load of boxes cluttering up the place. 

In my new abode I've come up with a few solutions which I thought I'd share! They're all extremely easy! 

For necklaces, I strung a length of suede (a design feature on a pair of boots that was just one fashiony step too far) with two thumbtacks. Minimal damage to wall, plenty sturdy. Then I hung the necklaces! Look! A festoon! A rope of ropes! 

I looped all the glittery glassy necklaces up together through a gap in the side of a bookshelf. Note that said bookshelf is also where I store my silk flowers. I suppose you could say that the flowers could get dusty here, but as they almost all came from Accessorize, they could do with a bit of dust to make them look more venerable. 

Dangly earrings are hooked into a length of chain which is set up rather like the necklace cord. 

Brooches are pinned to a rope. I wish the rope was plain black, and then the brooches would stand out more. But actually this bright red, white and blue pattern makes the result extremely festive. You can put your brooches on all sides of the rope. So your display is circular as well as long. The image above is only a small section of said rope. It goes from ceiling to floor. I'm silly with brooches. Must wear them more or it's just weirdness on my part. 

My stud-earrings arrangement is what I'm most proud of. The frame was from Help The Aged in Slough, and it had a cheap and nasty Balinese leather painting in it. I threw that away (thus undoubtedly helping Balinese leather paintings become valuable in future), stapled this stretchy velvet to it, and because it's rubbish velvet, the earrings poke easily through it. I can't buy many more earrings though. Running out of space. 


  1. Oh, Patricia! The performance of Yours is spectacular! I adore your dress. The Lovely Parlour Trio is really fun to watch!

    All your ideas for keeping your jewelry handy are brilliant! I especially like the length of chain for the long earrings. Was that a belt? It makes your earrings into decorations! And my gosh, your pin collection is beautiful! Maybe you could wear a new pin on your coats every day this winter and take a photo for us? I especially love that green butterfly. :D

    I have a small frame I use for my earrings, but my backing material is tulle (bridal veil) that I pleated so it has distinct flaps to hang the earrings on. I have a photo of Lauren Bacall and Lana Turner in the background. :D

  2. You are SO right! That was a belt! Actually it's a belt that's very useful, so it's only there until I find a cheap length of chain.
    I love the idea of rotating the brooches! How clever.
    I want to see your tulle with Lauren and Lana! What a brilliant idea that is. I've also seen lampshades with holes in them for earrings.

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